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Starting a project matched with an experience

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Once you've joined an experience your next step is to start one of the projects that's been approved for you.

  1. When viewing your experience page, if you see "My teams" in the sidebar and a team linked here, click this to go to your team page. You've already been added to a team and can start the project from the team page.

  2. If you are not yet in a team, your next step is to browse through the approved matches that are listed on the experience page. You may learn more about a project by clicking its name to read through the details.. Your educator should have let you know if you can select a project yourself or if you are assigned to a specific project. Stop and check with them if you're not sure.

  3. If applications are required for projects within the experience, you will see an additional column "Application due date" and can filter by whether applications are open or closed.

  4. Once you have identified which of the projects you will be working on, the button in the top-right corner indicates your next action.

    1. If it says "Start project", you can begin to form your team and start the project (continue to step 5)

    2. If it says "Apply" your experience requires you to apply to the project. Learn more about applications.

    3. If you don't see either option, your experience isn't allowing learners to select projects themselves and you will need to be invited to a team by an educator.

  5. After clicking "Start project" the first step is to form your team. Give your team a name and invite any other team members. You can only invite other learners who are part of the experience.

  6. Click Save & continue.

  7. Next, prepare an introductory message to the employer. This is your chance to introduce the team and make a strong first impression. Let them know what your first step on the project will be, or make a request for a first meeting.

  8. Click "Submit" and you're all finished!

This creates your team and creates a chat conversation with the employer which can be continued in your messages tab, accessed through the chat icon in your top menu bar.

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