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An overview of teams for learners

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When learners begin working on projects, they work in teams. consisting of 1 or more people. After being added or accepted to a teams, learners can access their teams from "Projects" item under "My Content" in the main navigation or from their dashboard, under the heading “My teams”.

Team page

The team page is where learners will kick off their project, submit milestones, submit their final deliverables, and provide feedback to employers. This is also where employers and educators can track the progress of the team and provide feedback when the project is over.

The various information on the team page is as follows:

  • Details

    • The timeline for the project with any key dates

    • Milestones

      • Submissions to milestones

    • Final submission

  • Project

    • Project details including description and desired outcome

  • Members

    • Members of the team

  • Feedback

    • Where the team can provide feedback to the employer and the employer can provide feedback to the team once the team completes the project.

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