Project templates

Leveraging the template library for project creation

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Project templates

To help employers create high quality projects with a high likelihood of a successful match with an educator, Riipen provides a library of project templates. Employers can access a tested library of existing templates, create templates for their personal use, or create templates for use by their company.


  • Users can search and filter by subcategories, language, and creator to find templates in the project template marketplace that match their subject area of interest.

  • Any template selected from the marketplace can and should be customized to your own needs before publication.

  • Employers who plan to run multiple projects can create project templates for their own re-use or ones unique to the needs of their company that all members can use.

How to use and create templates

  1. When creating a project you will see the option to use a template. Click "Select template".

  2. You will be directed to the project template library where you can choose from existing templates based on your project goals or create a new template:

    1. Click on the "Use template" button on an existing template to use it. You will be redirected back to the project wizard where you can edit and add information to the template content.

    2. Click on the "Create template" button to create a new template.

  3. If you chose to create a new template, fill out the template and click "Submit".

  4. Now you can use this template whenever you need to create a project with the same or similar scope to the one in the template.

Coming soon: Educators will be able to create and link templates to their experience, to show employers exactly what type of projects they are looking for.

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