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Project settings overview
Project settings overview

What settings are available on projects

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As a project administrator, you can access your project’s settings under the 'Settings' tab of your project page:

For most settings, defaults exist which will work for the majority of employers, the majority of the time. As you use Riipen more and have more specific needs, you may choose to customize your project more by leveraging these settings.



General settings for the project.

  • Language
    Change the language of your project. By default the language reflects the language of your user account, but you can manually change this. Changing this setting does not translate your project, it only indicates to other users what language it's written in. Learn more.


Configure the privacy level of your project which controls who can see and interact with it at any time.



  • Is this project available for new match requests?
    The default for new projects is "open."
    Here, indicate if the project is still available for experiences to match with, or if you are not currently looking for new matches. Closing your project has no effect on existing matches or pending requests.

  • Display this project in the open marketplace?
    For employers accessing the default is "Yes." For employers accessing the subdomain of a portal (eg. the default is "No." If you want to match with any portal on Riipen, set this to "Yes." If you are only interested in working with specific portals, set this to "No."

  • Portal marketplaces
    Whether your project is in the open marketplace or not, you may also promote it to the portal marketplace of one or more portals if you have a portal pass to an institution. If you have no portal passes, you will not have the option to add anything here. This is the case for the majority of employers, who will still generally find a match in the open marketplace.

Match requests

  • Match request automated messages
    Automate and customize match request related messages. For example, customize the message you want to send to experience administrators when they send this project a match request and the message you want to send after the request is accepted.

  • Match request question
    Customize the questions educators are asked when they request to match with your project, or accept a request that you have sent. It is recommended to enable one or more custom questions that must be answered by educators when they send this project a match request to make sure you receive requests that meet your needs.



  • Resources
    For projects with sensitive content, set the project to 'private' to make the resources section unavailable in the marketplace. They will be available only to matches you accept.


  • Coming soon!



  • Enable member requests
    This setting allows you to choose whether other employers will be able to request access to join the project as a member.


  • Add custom roles for colleagues working on the project with you and select which permissions the roles will have.

Magic link

  • Use the magic link provided to invite other members to join your project.

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