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Project matchmaking settings
Project matchmaking settings

Matchmaking settings for your project

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Marketplace tab

To add or remove your project from the marketplace, go to your project settings and select the "Marketplace" tab under the Matchmaking section.

Here, you will be able to select whether you want experiences to submit new match requests to this project and if you want keep displaying the project in the marketplace. You can also view and edit which portal marketplaces your project is currently present in.

Match requests tab

Add a custom message that you want educators to receive when they send your project a match request or when your match request has been accepted. Include anything you think the educators should know about your company or project.

Scroll down to the "Match request questions" section to add custom questions that educators will be required to answer when submitting an experience to this project. Add a question, an optional hint, and select the question type (question types include: checkbox, document, short text, long text, number, multiple choice, linear scale, and date).

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