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Company settings overview
Company settings overview

Overview of company settings

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As a company administrator, you can access your company’s settings in the main navigation menu under "Settings" in the "Company" group.




Configure the privacy level of your company which controls who can see and interact with it at any time.


  • Enable project proposals from educators
    If an educator wants to work with a specific company but cannot find an existing project that matches the scope of their experience, they can propose a project to that company. Here you can enable or disable project proposals from educators.



Companies can have custom roles set for employers who join the company to control which functionality they will have access to. Customize roles for your company.

Magic link

Invite colleagues to join your company via a magic link. You can pass a magic link to colleagues or trusted users which you want to have join your company. They can simply click the link and will be added as a member of your company. Share this with caution as any user who has it will automatically become a member.


You can view all your billing information such as your current plan, payment information, and invoices under the "Billing" section.

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