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Using a portal pass as an employer
Using a portal pass as an employer

Overview of what it means to be invited to a portal with a portal pass

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You've been granted a portal pass - congratulations! Here's an overview of what that means and how to utilize it.

Access to a portal's private marketplace of experiences

Portal passes allow companies special access to a portal’s private marketplace of experiences. This will be visible on the portal's subdomain in your main navigation, in the "Marketplace" section.

In the portal marketplace, companies are able to view and apply to all open experiences from the portal, including those that have not been posted to the open marketplace.

You can submit match requests to these experiences just as you would any other experience.

Post to the portal's marketplace of projects

Companies with a portal pass can also post their projects in the portal's private marketplace so only educators within that portal can apply. This gives your projects priority access to the portal, and increases your likelihood of matching with them.

When you're on the portal subdomain, your projects are automatically published only to the portal's marketplace.

You can promote any of your existing projects to the portal, or make your projects accessible to multiple portals that you have passes to. Learn more about managing marketplace settings.

Getting started

New to a portal? Get started with help from the articles below.

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