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An overview of projects for educators

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Projects are created by employers who are looking to work with learners via an experience. A project describes a real problem or an area of opportunity for a company that learners can work on.

Projects are posted to Riipen’s marketplace where educators can view and submit match requests with their experience to the project.

Once both parties accept a match request, a match is formed and learners are then brought into the experience to complete the project. Learners can complete the project in teams of 1 or many learners and will either be assigned to the project by the educator, self-assigned, or will have the opportunity to apply to the project with the employer then being able to accept or decline applications.

Project Page

When viewing a project page as an educator:

  • You will see the project details which contain the scope and types of learners being sought.

  • Have the ability to send a new match request with on of your existing experiences.

  • See any existing matches or match request for any of your experiences.

Getting Started

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