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Proposing projects to companies
Proposing projects to companies

Educators can propose projects to companies they want to work with

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Educators can now propose projects to companies, in addition to requesting existing projects that companies have posted to the marketplace.

If an educator wants to work with a specific company but cannot find an existing project that matches the scope of their experience, they can propose a project to that company.

To propose a project, follow these instructions:

  1. Search by keyword for companies that interest you, or filter by industry, location or category. Find the company you want to work with and click the ‘Propose project’ button.

  2. Select an existing experience or create a new experience to match with the company.

  3. Draft the project for the company to review.

  4. Introduce yourself and submit your match request.

  5. The company will either accept, decline, or propose revisions to the match as they would for a regular match request.

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