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Onboarding learners to an experience
Onboarding learners to an experience

Help your learners join your experience

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Before bringing learners into an experience, review your experience's team creation settings to edit the team limit, team creation, and team submission settings.

There are several options for educators to bring learners into their experience:

Provide an access code

When learners sign up to Riipen directly, you can provide them with a direct link to your experience and an access code to join. Once they have joined, they are then able to choose from all of the matched projects on your experience page and can self-organize into teams.

To provide all of this to your learners:

  1. Navigate to the "Learners" tab on your experience

  2. Click the "+ Invite" button, then click "Copy instructions".

  3. You will then see instructions for your learners, including the experience link and access code. Copy and paste the instructions and send it to your learners or include it in your syllabus.

If your experience is set to allow learners to self-assign into teams, they can do so once they join the experience.

Create teams and assign them to a project

For a more controlled experience, educators can assign learners directly to teams and to matched projects. This removes uncertainty for learners and ensures all learners end up in the correct project.

Follow these instructions to ensure your learners are in their appropriate teams and ready to work with the employer.

  1. Navigate to the "Learners" tab on your experience

  2. Click the "+ Invite" button, then click "Invite to teams".

  3. Create teams for learners. You will then select the project, input a team name, then input learner emails for each team. This will automatically provision an account for each learner and email them to have them set a secure password. When they access Riipen, the learner account will already be a member of the experience and team.

Invite learners to create their own teams

  1. Navigate to the "Learners" tab on your experience

  2. Click the "+ Invite" button, then click "Invite to experience".

  3. Enter the email addresses of the learners you want to invite.

  4. Learners can join through the emailed invitation and will automatically be members of the experience. They will be able to view all matched projects. Check your team settings to make sure they can then form their own teams.

Import learners

You may also upload a CSV file of learner information from an offline source.

  1. Navigate to the "Learners" tab on your experience

  2. Click on the ellipsis menu and select "Import".

LMS Integration

Riipen integrates with several different learning management systems (LMS). Connect your LMS to your Riipen experience to allow learners to access their projects without creating new accounts.

When the integration is enabled, learners can be provided the instructions below.

  1. Click on the link to Riipen in your LMS

  2. Review and accept the Terms of Service to continue.

At this point, Learners will have their Riipen account created, and be a learner inside of the experience. Review your team settings to verify what next steps learners will take after becoming a member of the experience to form their teams and start projects.

Riipen also offers direct support when integrating your LMS and Riipen. For additional support and information, please reach out to the customer success team via Riipen's live customer support chat.

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