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Using the portal marketplace
Using the portal marketplace

Making use of your portal's private marketplace

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Portal passes give companies access to your portal's private marketplace. This article describes how to use the portal marketplace.

The portal's marketplace of private projects

As an educator, you may have access to both open projects and portal projects in the top navigation menu.

The open marketplace is Riipen’s public marketplace where all employers across all of Riipen can publish projects for you to match with. The portal marketplace is exclusive to your portal and allows companies who have a portal pass to publish projects to your portal directly for only your portal's experiences to match with.

These two parallel marketplaces give educators greater flexibility in matching experiences to projects.

Through experience settings you can opt to promote your experience to the open marketplace, portal marketplace, or both. When seeking projects to match with, you can browse both marketplaces.

As a portal administrator, the portal marketplace provides a way to prioritize your network of companies and further those relationships through more effective matchmaking. Through portal settings you can turn off access to the open or portal marketplace for educators in the portal if needed.

Portal marketplace for employers

An employer who is invited to your portal via portal pass has some key differences from the employer in the open marketplace:

  • They generally access Riipen at {yourcustomsubdomain} not

  • They will see your portal's customization, including your branding colors, your logo, and your vocabulary settings.

  • In their main navigation, they see only the 'Portal experiences' (the experiences created by your educators). The open marketplace is not in their navigation.

  • All their recommendations across the subdomain are from your portal.

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