Joining a portal

Joining a portal as an educator

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This article explains how an educator may join a portal on Riipen.

Join by invitation

Email invitation

The most common way for educators to join Riipen is through an email invitation to a portal. This email will be from with the subject line "You're invited." Click the link in this email to sign up, and you'll be automatically a member of the portal on creation of your account. You can also click this link if you already have an account, and will log in to accept it.

Magic link

Your portal can enable a magic link to allow new members to join. If you're given this link, simply click the link and complete the sign up form to automatically become a member of the portal.

Request to join

If you’ve signed up without a direct invitation, you can join a portal by following these steps:

  1. Click "Request to join"

This sends a the administrators of the portal a request for you to become a member of the portal.

If you don't see "Request to join" as an option, the portal has not enabled the ability for other educators to request to become a member.

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