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Leveraging OpenAI to get a draft project started from a prompt

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New on Riipen is the ability for employers to create a project draft using Artificial Intelligence.

This feature is currently in beta, with outcomes being monitored by Riipen's product team. We may reach out to you for feedback if you try out this feature.

After selecting "Create project" from your dashboard, you can select between creating a project from scratch, with a template, or using AI.

If "Generate with AI" is selected, the first step for the user is to write a prompt describing the project goal. A prompt should be in natural language, and generally be 1-2 sentences long. Some prompt examples are listed below:

  • Build a competitive landscape for my company and provide an analysis of the competitors.

  • Create a social media campaign strategy for my company.

  • Create a market expansion report for our company and products.

  • Conduct user testing on our company's new product and provide an analysis on the results.

  • Review and audit our privacy policy against industry standards and best practices

On "Submit" the prompt is translated into a project. This process takes in your goal, information we know about your company on Riipen, and best practices for projects in our marketplace. It can take 30-60 seconds, during which time you will need to remain on the page.

If you're happy with the project drafted for you, click "Use Project" to enter the project wizard with this content pre-filled. You'll be able to make any edits you like to it before publication.

If it's not a good fit, select "Re-Try Prompt" and try re-writing your goal with a little more information.

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