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Automated project review
Automated project review

How are projects reviewed on publication?

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After publishing a project, the project creator will get an email from RIipen titled "Your project has been reviewed." Riipen now uses AI to automatically review and score projects against our best practices in three key areas, and to summarize the findings for the project creator.


The three main criteria are:

Relevance and real-world application: On a scale from 1-5 (5 being the most relevant), how relevant and practical is the project? Does it provide the students who complete it with the opportunity to practice skills they are likely to need in the workplace?

Clarity of description: On a scale from 1-5 (5 being the most clear), how clearly written is the objective of the project and the expected tasks?

Mentorship and support: On a scale from 1-5 (5 providing the most mentorship), how much mentorship and support is being offered to students?

All three are weighted equally, to give the project an average score out of 5.

This criteria may be changed over time as we assess the outcomes of reviewed projects relative to their scores.

How this information is used

The project review is primarily for the author, to help you understand how your project could be made even more appealing to educators and to learners. The content of the review is private only to you, and shared only via this email.

Projects that score below a 3.5 will prompt the user to make edits based on the content of the review, while projects that score above (though the user may choose to edit) are congratulated and suggested to find a match.

A low score in a review does not mean your project will not find a match, but can provide helpful context to improve your likelihood of matching.

Internally, Riipen will review any projects scoring at 3 or below, and reach out to the employer if we don't believe the project is a good fit for the marketplace.

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