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Teams per learner limit
Teams per learner limit

Set limits for the number of teams a learner may join within your experience.

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Experience administrators have the option to set a limit for the number of teams a learner may join within their experience. This allows educators to tailor team size to specific project requirements or learning objectives and reduces the risk of errors, such as learners joining too many teams.

Managing the teams per learner limit

To edit or view your team limits, follow these steps:

  1. Go to your experience settings.

  2. Click the “Teams” tab under the “Project management” section.

  3. Here, you will see a “Team limits” section where you can view and edit your team limits.

  4. Enter the desired number of teams a learner can join within this experience in the “Teams per learner maximum” field. Leave this field blank if you do not wish to set a limit.

    Note: By default, this field is blank, meaning there is no maximum limit on how many teams a learner can join.

  5. After setting a “Teams per learner maximum” limit, you can expect the following:

    • You won't be able to add learners to a team if their limit has been reached.

    • If learners have a pending invitation but have already reached their limit, they won't be able to accept the invitation, and an error message will appear when they attempt to do so.

    • If learners have reached the set limit, employers won't be able to accept any of their pending project applications. An error message will be displayed to the employer explaining why.

    • If the learner confirms an application to work on a project and their limit is then reached, all other pending applications will be cancelled.

    • If a learner is already in more teams than the limit allows, enabling this won't remove them from those teams; it will only prevent them from being added to additional teams.

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