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Respond to messages received on the platform from your own email.

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Want to respond to another user on Riipen without leaving your email inbox? This is now available to all of our users.

  • You can hit respond on any unread message email notification to send your reply from the comfort and convenience of your own inbox.

  • Maintain the privacy and centralization of communicating through Riipen: other parties in the conversation will not see your email address, but will view your message both in-app and via email notification.

To use this feature, look out for an email notification titled "New message on Riipen", which is sent any time you have an unread message from another user. You may click "Reply" in the body of the email to respond within the platform as usual, or hit the reply option on your email client itself.

Frequently asked questions

Is this secure?

To keep this method of communication secure, to reply from your email directly, you need to be a member in the conversation. If you try to respond from an email address that's not connected to your Riipen account, you'll get an error message.

Do I need to go into the platform for messages at all?

You don't, just bear in mind that messages will appear "unread" in the platform until you log in and view them, unless you reply directly to them.

What happens to my email signature?

We will usually automatically strip out your email signature from the message. In some cases an email signature might make it through and we may need to make an update to catch more variations on signatures. Email us at if you notice this.

What about attachments?

Attachments to your email will be included as attachments in the message.

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