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Stand Out with Level UP

How to make yourself stand out when applying to Level UP projects

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Applying for internships can often feel like navigating a maze with countless others vying for the same opportunities. However, with a strategic approach and a touch of personality, you can elevate yourself above the competition. Level UP offers a platform through Riipen that connects eager students with valuable opportunities. Here's how you can make yourself stand out:

1. Complete Your Riipen Profile

Start by completing your Riipen profile. This is your chance to introduce yourself beyond the confines of a resume. Let your personality shine through as you share insights about who you are and where you aspire to go in your career journey.

2. Showcase Your Resume

Attach your resume to your profile. While your profile provides a holistic view of your personality and aspirations, your resume offers a concise summary of your experiences and skills. Some employers prefer having this information upfront.

3. Share Professional Social Media Links

Include links to your professional social media profiles, such as LinkedIn. These platforms offer additional insights into your professional persona. Avoid sharing links to social channels that depict unprofessional behavior, as they might hinder your application.

4. Be Active on Riipen

Engagement is key. The more projects you complete on Riipen, the more robust your profile becomes. Actively participating in projects demonstrates your initiative and dedication to your craft.

5. Provide Feedback

Don't hesitate to give feedback to employers. Not only does this showcase your professionalism, but it also increases your likelihood of receiving feedback in return. This exchange signals to other employers that you are a collaborative and engaged team player.

6. Tailor Your Applications

When applying to projects, customize your approach. Keep your introduction concise but impactful, with a standard 2-3 line introduction about yourself. Then, tailor the last 2-3 lines to highlight why you possess the experience or passion necessary for their specific project. This personalized touch demonstrates your genuine interest and understanding of the opportunity at hand.

In the competitive landscape of Level UP applications, it's crucial to stand out. By following these strategies, you can set yourself apart and increase your chances of landing that dream project. So, let your personality shine, engage actively, and tailor your applications to unlock your full potential. Remember, you can apply to as many projects as you want—applying to more increases your odds of finding a project you love. Your journey to success starts here.

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