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Creating a Successful Level UP Project for Employers
Creating a Successful Level UP Project for Employers
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If you're an employer seeking to expedite the matching process for your project with Level UP, you're in the right spot. Below, you'll find a detailed guide on creating the type of project we're seeking, which will ultimately secure quicker approval from our team.

When drafting your project, consider that your project posting has two audiences: Students and the Level UP team.

For Students:

Ultimately, the key lies in crafting a comprehensive project that will equip students with the skills needed to transition seamlessly into the workforce post-graduation. Consider the student perspective: their interests, availability, and capacity to complete the project within 60 hours, spanning 2 to 8 weeks, with no more than 30 hours per week.

Your match request must clearly outline a project, setting it apart from a mere job description. We exclusively accept submissions that adhere to the criteria of a fully-developed project, complete with clear deliverables presented in project format. This format should outline what the student needs to be successful and what is expected upon completion of the project.

Deliverables encompass both working documents and the final project uploaded for review and payment. This may include source code, presentations, marketing materials, and any other relevant components. It is crucial to clearly outline these expectations on the project page, indicating what the student will upload to the platform at the project's conclusion, or the redacted version if covered by an NDA.

For the Level UP Team:

The Level UP team thoroughly reviews project outlines for clarity and descriptiveness, ensuring they outline the main goal, scope, expectations, deliverables, required skills and resources, company overview, and mentorship strategy. By using our recommended template here, you will be prompted to include all of the important information that we are looking for.

By refining the project description, you will provide clarity on scope, time commitment, and significance. This empowers students to make informed decisions and approach the project confidently. Additionally, it attracts student talent who fully understand the project requirements.

Please keep in mind that Employers are limited to matching 2 projects per cycle, with a maximum of 5 students assigned to each project. It's crucial to consider these limitations when outlining your project plans, as no exceptions will be made to these rules. For further details, please visit our Level UP Help Centre and FAQ Page.

Project creation checklist:

  • Is the project goal clear to students?

  • Have you specified the required experience level?

  • Can students reasonably complete the project within 60 hours over 2-8 weeks?

  • Does the scope allow students to understand the project's depth and requirements?

  • Have you clearly outlined the deliverables?

  • Are your mentorship and company details clearly evident?

  • Are the project's expectations and timelines realistic?

  • Have you provided sufficient resources and support for students?

  • Is the project aligned with educational objectives and industry standards?

  • Have you considered potential challenges and outlined mitigation strategies?

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