Import errors

A guide on possible import errors and how to handle them

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While processing imports on Riipen, you may encounter an error in a particular record if you are missing information, have improperly formatted data, or general other issues.


Error Codes

What follows is a list of all potential errors you may encounter while importing data into Riipen with causes to help you diagnose possible issue.




One piece of data in your record is either required and not provided, or is not formatted correctly. Consult the error message for the record to see the specific error message in order to correct this issue.


A date you provided does not comply with Riipen's date format.


An associated piece of data you are attempting to reference does not exist.


An unknown error occurred, please contact support for further diagnosis.

How To

Retry error state import records

If any of your import records fail to import, you will be able to re-import those specific records as a secondary import. To re-import failed records:

  1. Navigate back to your import's page which has the failed records.

  2. Filter your import records by the "Error" state

  3. Export these records by clicking the "Export CSV" action. This will download a new CSV file which matches the import template format with only the failed records present

  4. Update the newly downloaded file to correct any errors.

  5. Repeat the steps for creating a new import for your import type.

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