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Confirm and Complete your ICT Ignite Skills Project
Confirm and Complete your ICT Ignite Skills Project

How to successfully get started and ensure payment upon completion of the project.

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Once a learner has applied to and been chosen to work on a ICT Ignite Skills project, the employer will need to accept their application through Riipen, which can be done from the requests tab.

This will automatically create a team page for the learner on the Riipen platform. They will be able to access this from their dashboard. A learner will need to click on the “Start Project” button when the project is ready to start.

Employers and learners are encouraged to use the messaging function on Riipen to communicate throughout the project. If you would like to use any other communication tools, those should be shared in the conversation as soon as possible.

Once the 80-hour project has been completed, learners will need to submit their final submission on the Riipen platform.

Final submissions may include multiple files. This could include files of the work, a detailed timesheet, or a comprehensive written summary of the work completed.

Once the submission has been made, the exit survey will be sent to the learner on the Riipen platform.

ICT Ignite operates on a 21 day payout period for learners completing ICT Ignite Skills projects. A stipend will begin to be processed when the ICT Ignite Skills employer provides feedback on a project submission and the learner exit survey has been received.

Learners: Your stipend will be deposited into the bank account which you provided the details for when you started your project. You can find further details about our payments process here.

Employers: You will be prompted to complete an exit survey, and provide feedback directly on Riipen. Our team needs to see the feedback on the Riipen platform to expedite the processing of the stipend. You will be able to provide this on the learner's team page on Riipen (right under their final submission). Kindly confirm completion and approval of the learner’s final deliverables.

If 14 days have elapsed and the ICT Ignite Skills employer has not provided feedback, the Riipen ICT Ignite team will reach out to the employer and if we do not hear back the ICT Ignite team will review the final deliverable on behalf of the employer, which may cause your payment to be delayed.

Still have questions? Reach out to us via live-chat in the avocado found in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen or via email at

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