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Getting Started with TalentED YYC - Employers
Getting Started with TalentED YYC - Employers

A guide to enable employers to post projects, match them to the TalentED YYC program, and get connected with a learner team.

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Sign up to TalentED YYC and the Riipen Platform

1. Visit and review the program details.

2. Clicking “Get started” will direct you to the TalentED YYC Riipen portal. If you already have a Riipen account you can click “Log in”.

3. If you don’t already have a Riipen account you can click “Sign up”. To create an account, fill in your name, email, and password in the indicated fields and click “Create account”.

4. Next, add your job title, pronouns (optional), phone number, and choose up to 5 categories that interest you (ex: Web Development, Marketing, UX/UI Design, Product Management etc.)

5. Next, add your company information.

Create and submit your TalentED YYC project

1. Request a portal pass. Select ‘Request Match’ on the TalentED YYC program for the cohort you're looking to match a project to.

2. You can match an existing company project, or create a new one using a template from our library. We recommend that you use the approved template.

3. Creating a project is a 5-step process in the project creation wizard.

  • Add a descriptive title, and summarize the work you want the learners to complete. Make sure the expected outcomes for your business are clear to learners, and that they can get a sense of the scope of work from your description.

  • Make sure to provide a concrete scope for the team’s work and limit their work to a single project. The deliverables will be a 10-15 page business plan, based on the team’s course curriculum.

  • Projects should provide 50 hours of work per learner, for a team of up to 5.

  • Currently, there are no limitations to the number of projects an employer can submit. Learners, on the other hand, will only complete one project.

  • Continue through the steps in the wizard. If you save your project as a draft, you can return to your project at any time to make edits.

4. Before your match can be accepted, you will need to click “Sign Agreements” and formally agree to the TalentED YYC Terms and Conditions.

5. Once the Terms & Conditions are thoroughly reviewed and signed, click “Accept request”.

A few things to note:

  • Your project should be acknowledged by the TalentED YYC team within 5 business days. Final approvals will be conducted between August 19 and August 24, 2024.

  • There will be an in-person onboarding meeting at the end of August with more details to come.
    Once matched to the program, TalentED YYC learner teams will begin to apply to your project(s). You will be alerted by email and can view the team page and learner profiles from your dashboard.

  • You must accept 1 team per project by September 20, 2024.

  • TalentED YYC employer projects will take place between September 20 and December 10, 2024.

  • There is no cost for you to post an TalentED YYC project.

Still have questions? Reach out to us via live-chat in the avocado found in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen or via email at

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