Project preparation

How educators can prepare for upcoming projects

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After you have officially decided to work with an employer, you will need to prepare the learner teams and provide them with clear instructions on how to proceed. Invite your learners to access the projects by clicking ‘invite learners’ on the learners tab of your experience page.

Please inform the learners:

  • Each learner team must reach out to the employer via the Riipen message center, within one week of the start date.

  • If you or the employer is going to be adding additional information or resources to the project or experience page.

  • Key dates and deadlines. Start date, submission date, and any major events (e.g. presentations). You can change, add, or remove dates by editing your experience page.

Please inform the employers:

  • Any changes (e.g. changes in the start date, team changes, scope changes, etc.).

  • Let employers know when they will hear from learners, and how often. Clarify which communication channels the learners will be using to contact the employer.

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