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Import file formatting
Import file formatting
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File requirements

  • All headers must be present and unchanged from the provided template file.

  • Unless otherwise stated, all fields are case sensitive

  • File must be exported in a true .CSV format

  • File may not be another file type with a .CSV extension added to it

  • File must be exported in Unicode (UTF-8)

UTF-8 Encodings

If you don't use UTF-8 format in your import files, it can cause poorly translated import records or even complete import failures.

To ensure you are using UTF-8 you can follow one of these steps below:

  • Microsoft Excel

    • Select "File->Save as" from the menu.

    • In the "Save as type" dropdown, select "CSV UTF-8 (Comma delimited) (.csv)"

    • Select "Web Options" in the "Tools..." dropdown at the bottom of the dialog box.

    • Select the "Encoding" tab.

    • In the "Save this document as:" dropdown, select "US-ASCII"

Attribute requirements




  • One value of the defined type, or multiple values separated by a semi-colon


  • True or False


  • Formatted as yyyy-mm-dd


  • Any numeric demical value such as 1, 1.2, 1.23, -2.5, etc.


  • Any string of UTF-8 characters

  • Max length of 256 characters

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