Setting milestones for learner teams to complete on projects

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Milestones are objectives for learners that fall in between the start and end dates. Depending on the experience timeline settings, they may be set by the educator, employer, or the learners themselves.

  • Set incremental and standardized goals for your learners on their projects

  • Easily review learner work product per milestone

Example milestones include:

  • Provide an analysis stage report or presentation before entering an implementation phase of the project

  • Provide a draft of a final report. This later milestone would require the team to upload a draft version of their final submission.



All milestones have a title, and a description, a due date, and can optionally have a supporting file attached to them such as an example of a finished submission, a template, or any other guiding document.

Defined milestones will be visible to all learners on their appropriate teams along with all the included information of the milestone.


When completing milestones, teams will have the ability to provide a written description as well as any number of files to support their submissions such as reports, presentations, or more. Only one member of the team completes the milestone for the team as a whole.

Submissions are visible to the team, the employer of the project, and to the experience administrators for review.


Milestones can be created at these different levels:

  • Experience - milestones can be created for an experience when the experience is the dates controller. Any milestone created for an experience will be applied across all projects and teams within the experience.

  • Matched Project - milestones can be created for a matched project when the project is the dates controller. Any milestone created for a matched project will be applied across all teams for that particular project.

  • Team - milestones can always be created by a team and are only applicable to that specific team.

How to

Manage milestones for an experience

Milestones can only be created for an experience if the experience is the dates controller.

When creating an experience, milestones can be managed right from the "Timeline" step.

To manage a milestone outside of initially creating the experience:

  1. Navigate to the experience

  2. Click on the "Settings" tab

  3. Click on the "Timeline" tab under the "Project Management" group

  4. Create, edit, or delete any milestones as needed

  5. Click "Submit" to save your work

Milestones cannot be edited or deleted once a match is made to a project for the experience.

Manage milestones for a matched project

Milestones can only be created for a matched project if projects are the dates controller.

In some circumstances, experience will have each matched project set its own timelines with dates and milestones. In this case, dates are set during the match request process. When the educator requests a match with the project, they will input suggested dates and any milestones. The employer may edit these dates and milestones, or create their own. If the employer initiates the request, their request will include the start and end dates and proposed milestones. The educator may counter with their own proposed milestones.

Manage milestones for a team

Teams in the experience are able to create their own milestones specific to that team at all times. These are often beneficial to the team to help them keep track of any team specific outcomes they are looking to complete.

While educators and employers will be able to view these milestones and review any submissions made to them, they are unable to edit them.

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