Managing matched projects for an experience
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A match is a connection between an experience and a project. It represents that an employer and educator have agreed to work together via a match request, and that the project will be completed by learners in that experience.

An experience may match with many projects.

Match page

After creating a match via a match request for an experience, you will be able to see the match page, which contains all information of the match including project scope, timelines, company details and more.

Screenshot of a match page
  • "Details" - includes project scope, timelines, company details and more

  • "Resources" - additional resources the company has provided for this project

  • "Teams" - teams which have been assigned or had applications accepted for this match

  • "Feedback" - any feedback provided by learners, employers, or educators

  • "Settings" - where you can change details regarding the match such as timelines

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