Importing portal passes

A step by step guide for importing portal passes into a portal using the Riipen importer

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When importing a portal pas into a portal, several conditional outcomes will occur:

  • A portal pass invite will be created for the given company name, and sent to the given email address.

  • If a portal pass invite already exists for the company, it will be deleted in favour of the newly created invite.

Any existing portal passes will be unaffected.

Import template

Riipen accepts comma separated value (CSV) files for importing portal passes to portals. Download the template file attached to this article which will then need to be populated with your data and imported back to Riipen:

Glossary of required fields:

  • Company Name

    • Type: String

    • Description: The name of the company.

  • Email

    • Type: String

    • Description: The email address of an employee of the company you wish to directly invite.

Import your file

The following steps can be completed by administrator of your portal.

  1. Click "Settings" below the "Portal" group in the main navigation.

  2. Select the "Imports" tab.

  3. Click the "New" button

  4. In the presented form, select:

    1. Type - Portal pass invite

    2. Source file - Upload your import file you have previously generated

  5. Click "Submit"

Your import file will now begin to be pre-processed. Riipen will check each record in your file for potential errors including formatting issues or missing data. You will be able to see the progress of this pre-processing on your screen now.

Once pre-processing is complete you will be shown each record of your import file and it's pre-import status which shows you how the data was interpreted by Riipen. This is a good time to check over all your data to make sure it looks correct and you haven't made any mistakes in your original import file.

Once you are happy with your import records, you can then run your import by pressing the "Run" button.

Monitor your import

While your import is running, you will be able to see it's progress on the screen along with each individual record with its accompanying import status which is either Success or Error. While the import is running you can safely navigate away from this page and return to it at any point to check the import status.

Once your import has finished running, Riipen will email you to let you know with a link back to your import so you can view the final status.

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