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Level UP - Deadlines for Actions
Level UP - Deadlines for Actions
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With the re-launch of Level Up one of the biggest changes you are going to experience as a learner is that of specific deadlines in the various stages of your journey.

As you work through the Level Up program you will notice that there are significant stages you pass through as your work towards the end of the project and stipend payment. We have introduced deadlines in which you need to take action within those stages to continue on your journey.

Stage expirations are time limits set within the program to ensure that stipends are available for students who actively engage and work towards completing various stages within a specified timeframe.

Stage expirations are necessary to maintain the program's efficiency and fairness. They encourage active participation and timely progress, ensuring that resources are allocated to those who are actively engaged.

Stage expirations are implemented for different stages of the program, each with its own timeframe and consequences. Allowing any of these stages to expire could result in a strike per our three strike system. You are notified of the pending stage expiration date throughout your Level UP journey to help ensure that you never miss a step.


Time until expiry

What happens if the stage expires?

Learner - invitation to join experience

14 days

Invitation expires and you must re-join the waitlist

Learner- Sign-up > first application

14 days

Application expires and you would need to apply again

Teams (learners) - number of days after project applications expire (employer controls this)

21 days

Application expires and the student would need to apply again

Project start > end date. Set by the teams. Once the project starts, these dates cannot be changed

2 - 8 weeks

Evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Projects submitted after the deadline may be deemed incomplete and ineligible for stipend(s).

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