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Private project marketplace
Private project marketplace

Find the right projects for your experience from your portal's own private marketplace

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Your portal administrators may choose to attract companies directly to your private portal and have them post projects only intended for experiences within your portal. This is the private project marketplace for your portal. Using the private marketplace is the best way to build long last connections with companies and employers you work repeatedly with while ensuring they have direct access to your private and exclusive experiences. To start matching with these private projects for your experience, simply browse the private marketplace and submit a match request to any that you think will be a good fit.

  • Pre-vetted companies and projects by your portal administrators

  • Maintain exclusivity of your experiences and the projects you match with

  • Build long lasting relationships with trusted employers and companies


Pre-approved projects

Your portal's private marketplace will only contain the highest quality projects that have already been screened and approved for your use by your portal administrators. These projects will come from trusted companies recognized by your institution, guaranteeing safe and efficient matchmaking while ensuring you are providing the highest quality opportunities for your learners.

Find your perfect projects that suit your needs and submit a match request to get started.

Saved searches

Have a specific set of criteria for projects you are looking to fulfill for your experience? Search that criteria in the private marketplace and then save your search. You will be easily able to re-apply that exact same search criteria when you revisit the private marketplace with a click of a button, and we will send you new projects that meet that search criteria as they come available straight to your inbox.


Start browsing the private marketplace today, and we'll learn about the types of projects you are interested in and send you recommendations of new projects that meet your needs as they become available straight to your inbox.

Easily control the frequency of these recommendations or toggle them on or off completely so you only get new project recommendations when you need them

Match requests

Once you have found the right project, you will be able to use the match requests tools and workflows to:

  • Propose a match between your experience and an employer's project

  • Have a private conversation with the employer where you can discuss all the above details, book meetings, have video conference calls using the message center

  • Propose and negotiate changes to the project scope and details and easily see what has been proposed vs the original project description

  • Use double sided acceptance of the match request, ensuring that both you and the employer are completely satisfied with all the details and can each accept them before moving forward

How to

Find projects in the private marketplace

To use the private marketplace to find projects:

  1. Click on the "Find projects" button in the top navigation bar

  2. Click "Portal projects"

Your portal administrators can choose to disable the open marketplace and instead only permit usage of your portal's private marketplace. If this is the case, will only have to click "Find projects".

You are now in the private marketplace of projects and can browse and submit match requests. Use the filters provided filters and advanced filter to find the projects that meet your specific needs.

Don't hold out for the perfect project, companies are willing to modify their projects to meet your and your learner's needs. You will be able to propose alterations to the project during the match request process.

Create a saved search

To save a specific set of search criteria that you have applied in order to reuse it later and be sent automatic recommendations of projects which meet that criteria:

  1. Navigate to the private marketplace

  2. Enter the search criteria you wish to filter projects by

  3. Click the heart icon next to the filters

  4. Give your specific criteria a name

  5. Check the "I want to receive an alert when new content matching my search criteria is publish".

  6. Click "Save"

You’ve now created a saved search. You may create as many saved searches as you need.

Submit a match request

After you have found a suitable project you wish to match to your experience, you can send a match request by following these steps:

  1. Click the "Request match" button on the project you wish to match with.

  2. Click "Select experience" to use an existing experience, or select "Create new" to create a new experience you have in mind for the project.

  3. Follow the step by step prompts on screen to create your match request as needed

  4. Click "Send request" on the final step

Your match request is now submitted. The project administrators will receive a notification alerting them to your match request and you will be put into a conversation with them where you can talk about the project details, timeline, and general expectations.

Receive project recommendations

Based on activity you take, you will receive recommendations of projects from the private marketplace which meet your needs. In order to receive recommendations you will need to:

  • Perform any search in the private marketplace

  • Create a saved search in the private marketplace

  • Have an experience open to match requests

If you meet any of this criteria, you will receive recommendations straight to your inbox.

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