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Advance Ontario Team States

Learn about Active, Incomplete, Complete, and Cancelled team states.

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While working on a project in Advance Ontario, students operate within a team. Teams complete various project tasks with binding deadlines including:

  • Completing the onboarding survey

  • Starting the project (by hitting the “start project” button)

  • Introducing themselves to the employer

  • Completing required surveys

  • Submitting milestones and final deliverables, and

  • Participating in feedback exchanges with employers.

Throughout this process, students ensure project progression by following deadlines, receiving reminder notifications, and managing various tasks to keep the project on track.

Team states:

Your team will always have a state assigned to it which displays its progress for the project.

Active: The team is actively completing the project and can continue to submit milestones, surveys, etc. This is the default state for the team. Active teams are eligible for payment.

Complete: The team has completed the project by making a final submission. The team will automatically be transitioned to “completed” once a final submission is made. Complete teams are eligible for payment.

Incomplete: The team can no longer make any progress on the project due to missing a deadline for the project.

  • The team will automatically be transitioned to incomplete if the team misses any milestones or deadlines such as the project start date or end date.

  • To avoid an incomplete team state, make sure your notifications are on and that you complete project actions when they are due, such as surveys, milestones, and submissions. Don't forget to click the "start project" button after finishing your onboarding survey.

  • If your team remains in the "incomplete" stage for over 14 days, it might transition to "cancelled" since it's presumed you're inactive on the platform. This cannot be undone.

Cancelled: The team can no longer make any progress on the project because the team, employer, or Advance Ontario team has decided to cancel the team. A team can only be manually changed to cancelled by the Advance Ontario team. This action cannot be undone.

  • If either the employer or student decides to cancel the project, both parties will be notified.

If you are a student or employer with an incomplete project that you would like to continue, please create a support ticket for our team using the avocado button at the bottom right corner of every Riipen page. Only Advance Ontario administrators can change the state of your team.

Best practices for Employers:

  • Conduct weekly or biweekly check-in meetings with the team to ensure they are on the right track.

  • Be accessible and responsive to student communication outside of scheduled meetings, providing timely assistance or feedback as needed to keep the project moving forward smoothly.

  • Utilize the Riipen chat feature to provide guidance, feedback, and answer any questions the learners may have.

  • Provide learner feedback on the platform once the final submission is created.

Best Practices for Students:

  • Stay in regular communication with the project employers during a project. Make use of the messages feature to provide project status updates, ask questions, or seek guidance and support when you are stuck.

  • When setting dates during the application process, ensure they are reasonable and that you can meet them. You'll receive reminders to help you stay on track, and you'll be able to demonstrate your progress to the employer as you complete each milestone.

  • Always make your final submission on Riipen, even if you are communicating with your project employers outside of Riipen. After making the submission, your employers will be prompted to provide your team with formal feedback, endorsements, and skill evaluations you can take with you and put on your resume / CV, personal portfolio or online profile such as LinkedIn.

Still have questions? Reach out to us via chat in the avocado found in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen.

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