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TalentED YYC Terms and Conditions - Students
TalentED YYC Terms and Conditions - Students

Students must agree to these conditions in order to join the ENTR 4433 Business Plan Development experience on the Riipen platform.

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Student Requirements


  • I understand that if accepted into a project, I must complete the Pre-project Survey on the team page and click "Start Project" once all team members have finished their surveys.


  • I understand I must communicate with the employer before and during the project to understand the scope and ensure progress, responding within 72 hours.


  • I understand I must align project timelines with the TalentED YYC schedule. Projects start on September 20, 2024, and end by December 10, 2024.


  • I understand I must complete a Post-Survey on the Riipen platform before finishing the project. Each team member must complete the survey to proceed to the next step.

Final Deliverables:

  • I understand I must upload final deliverables on the Riipen platform for employer review before the project end date, with all team members completing the post-survey first.


  • I acknowledge that participation in this program requires a commitment to:

    • Completing the Pre and Post Surveys

    • Effectively communicating with my team members and employer

    • Completing project milestones punctually

    • Submitting final deliverables to officially finish the project

For course related issues, please contact Jacob Tan at For any further questions, including technical inquiries, please contact

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