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Do companies conduct interviews before accepting learner applications?

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For projects under 4 weeks, unpaid experiences, and team projects, there is typically no formal interview step. You may provide both parties an option to refuse a match, but most employers would prefer to be assigned a learner than go through a full interview process for a short term, unpaid experience.

For longer projects and paid experiences, an interview is usually expected. We recommend interviews be completed in a linear process:

  1. Learners view approved companies on Riipen and rank their preferences.

  2. The educator assigns learners to companies for initial interviews based on those preferences.

  3. The employer and learner are introduced, and an interview is held.

  4. Both parties determine if they would like to move forward. They are given a short, fixed amount of time to make their decision (e.g. 1 day).

  5. If not, the company is matched with another learner.

  6. Employers should only have to interview a maximum of 3 learners.

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