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General information about Riipen for learners.

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All Riipen projects are designed to help learners develop their skills through experiential learning. Through Riipen, educators connect with employers and curate real projects that will be completed by their learners for academic credit, or as extracurricular activities.

As a learner, you start by joining an experiential learning activity, called an experience, that is created by your educator. Your educator will choose whether you will work individually or in teams, and set the overall parameters like the length and project topics.


  • Project management

    Manage your projects and work with the company with communication and collaboration tools.

  • Ratings and reviews

    At the end of every project, receive company validated skills ratings and reviews which appear on learner portfolios and can be easily exported to any other portfolio outside of Riipen.

  • Academic credit

    Some projects on Riipen are apart of a course or program a learner is enrolled in and will be used as part of their assessment.

  • Paid projects

    Some projects on Riipen are apart of traditional work placements or special programs which include payment for your work.

  • Gamification

    Learners can get rewarded with badges and achievements for their hard work.

  • Industry connections

    Learners can start building their networks before they graduate. They can be added to a company's talent pool if they perform well and be first in line for future opportunities.

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