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The different user types within Riipen

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There are 3 different users within Riipen: educators, employers, and learners.


Learners work on projects to build experience and gain skills. Learners can participate in projects if their academic institution or another special program they are part of has a portal on Riipen.

Sign up as a learner or search portals to see if your institution uses Riipen.


Employers on Riipen represent their company or organization and post projects for learners to complete. Employers use these projects to help their company with its outcomes as well as provide a real world learning opportunity for learners.

Sign up as an employer to get started.


Educators on Riipen represent their academic institution or a special program and create experiences that match with projects which can then be completed by their learners.

Sign up as an educator to get started.

You may be seeing different terminology than those defined in this article. Consult this article for details.

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