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General information about Riipen for educators.

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Riipen is an experiential learning platform, aimed at helping learners gain work-integrated learning experience. Our platform empowers individual educators and departments to launch and manage experiential learning initiatives either within or outside of courses.

As an educator, you start by posting an experiential learning activity, called an “experience”, that is completed by learners either as part of their academic coursework or as an extracurricular skill building activity. Educators can choose whether learners will work individually or in teams.

Riipen provides you with an open and private marketplace of employers who you can connect with to complete a project in collaboration with your learners. You can also invite employers from your own network and manage the projects through our platform.

Get started by creating an experience.


  • Branded portal

    Manage all of your experiential learning through your own branded portal.

  • Customized experiences

    Run experiences exactly the way you want and integrate into the tools you already use.

  • Matchmaking marketplaces

    Where educators can connect with companies to match with real projects for their learners while also growing their own network.

  • Portal passes

    Invite specific employers into your network by providing them with a portal pass and give them easier access to your experiences.

  • Project management
    Work with all users inside of your experience with communication and collaboration tools.

  • Gamification

    Award learners with badges and achievements to keep them motivated and reward them for their hard work.

  • Reporting

    View outcomes and results of your experiences with custom reporting to fit your needs

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