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Joining an experience

Joining an experience as a learner to access projects.

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Educators create experiences which define the scope and parameters of an in-class or a co-curricular program. The experience includes details such as what learners are able to participate, timelines, learning objectives, and more.

Projects which meet the needs of these experiences are then made available through the experience for learners to work on and complete. A learner must join an experience in order to gain access to the projects.


As a learner, your first step is to join an experience and review the projects available.

There are two primary methods of joining an experience:

  • Joining via access code

  • Joining via an invitation

Learn more about how to start a project after joining an experience.

How to

Join via access code

To join an experience via the access code provided by your educator, follow these steps:

  1. Sign up as a learner

  2. Complete your profile information

  3. Next, you'll see a prompt to find a portal or find your experience, depending on whether you were given a general sign up link or a specific one for your portal.

    1. If your instructor gave you a direct link to your experience, go there directly and skip to step 6. If you do not have a direct link, proceed to step 4.

  4. Find your institution's portal and click on the portal name to go to its profile.

  5. Click the "Experiences" tab to view all the portal's experiences, and select the one you are trying to join.

  6. On the experience page, you will find a button labeled "Join experience." Click on it and enter your access code.

Join via invitation

To join an experience via an invitation sent by your educator, follow these steps:

  1. Click the "Accept invite" button in the email from to sign up. If you already have an account, it will accept the invite and redirect you to the experience and you can skip the remainder of the steps

  2. Complete your profile information

  3. Next, you’ll be redirected to the experience where you can view approved projects.

View my experiences

To view all the experiences you are a member of, follow these steps:

  1. In your dashboard, you will see a "My experiences" section where you will see experiences you are a member of.

  2. Click "View all" in the top right to view all of your experiences.


  1. Click on the "My experiences" tab in the main navigation.

Best practices

  • If you have trouble finding or joining an experience please reach out to your educator or the experience administrator.

  • If you're joining an experience via email invitation, please accept the invite and create your account as soon as possible. Depending on the settings established by the educator, invite links may sometimes have an expiration date.

  • Keep track of any updates or notifications regarding the experience, such as changes in deadlines or important announcements. Regularly check your email inbox and notifications within the Riipen platform to stay informed and engaged.

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