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Manage applications for a matched project as an employer

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After matching a project with an experience, the experience administrators will invite their learners to work on your project.

Depending on the experience and project requirements, the educator may have learners submit an application to work on your project. You will be able to review these applications and decide which teams you want to work with.

Managing applications

Viewing an application

To view an application on a matched project, you have several options. To view any application on any of your matched projects:

  1. Click "Projects" under the "My Content" group in the main navigation

  2. Click on the "Applications" tab

  3. Click any of the applications you wish to view

To view teams working on a specific matched project:

  1. Click "Projects" under the "My Content" group in the main navigation

  2. Click on the project the team is working on

  3. Click the "Matches" tab on the project page

  4. Click the match which the team came from

  5. Click the "Teams" tab on the match page

  6. Click any of the teams you wish to view

The application page will show which project the application is for, the team name, the application status, an introduction message from the team, and answers to any application custom questions.

Team communication

Communication between employer and team learners is critical to review an application. When an application is submitted, Riipen will automatically generate a conversation between the team members and the project administrators.

To view this conversation you can either:

  1. Click the messages icon in the navigation bar

  2. Find the conversation for the application in the messages list and click it. You can also filter your conversations by "Application conversations" to make this easier to find.


  1. Navigate to the application page as described above

  2. Click the "Send message" button

Accepting an application

To accept an application and have the associated team actually work on the project:

  1. Navigate to the application

  2. Click the "Accept" button.

The team will now be able to start work on the project.

Declining an application

To decline an application:

Make sure you have communicated with the team prior to declining to ensure they know the reasons why they are being declined.

  1. Navigate to the application

  2. Click the "Decline" button.

Application settings

As part of the matched project, the match page will contain a "Settings" tab where various application settings can be updated.

If no settings exist, this means applications are not used for this match.

To navigate to the application setting:

  1. Navigate to the match page

  2. Click the "Settings" tab

  3. Click the "Applications" tab in the "General" group

  • Allow application to currently be submitted by teams?

    Set this to false to prevent any further applications from being submitted to this matched project from teams of learners. Set to true to enable application submissions.

  • Applications due date

    Set a date in which this matched project will automatically have applications turned off. This date is visible to learners.

  • Application questions
    Customize the questions learners are asked when they submit an application to the matched project. The answers to these questions will be visible on any application upon review.

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