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Getting started for educators
Getting started for educators

Essential articles to understand the user journey for educators

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Your first step to getting started as an educator is to find and join or be added to your institution's portal. From here you will be able to create experiences, match with projects, and facilitate projects for your learners.

How to

Join a portal by invitation

The most common way for educators to join a portal is through an email invitation.

  1. Contact your portal administrators to have them issue an invite to your preferred email address.

  2. Click the link in the invite email email to sign up

You will automatically be added as a member of the portal on creation of your account or once you accept the invite.

Join a portal by request

If your portal allows it, you will be able to request access to your portal by following these steps:

  1. Click on the portal switcher

  2. Click "Search all portals"

  3. Find your portal and click "Request to join". The portal administrators may require you to answer questions as part of your request

Once a portal administrator reviews and approves or declines your request you will receive a notification letting you know their decision.

If you don't see "Request to join" as a button, the portal has not enabled the ability for other educators to request to become a member.

Join a portal by magic link

Your portal may have a magic link which can be used to join the portal. Contact your portal administrators to be provided with a link you can use to join your portal.

Create an experience

See our full guide on creating an experience here.

Match an experience with projects

See our fill guide on matching your experience with projects here.


See our full guide on adding learners to your experience here.

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