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Managing learner members of the portal
Managing learner members of the portal

Managing learner portal members

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As a member of a portal, you may have access to the portal "Learners" page, which is found in the main navigation menu under the "Portal" section. This lists all learners who are members of the portal, and includes their name, primary email, and date they joined the portal.

Any individual learner may be removed from the portal by clicking the trashcan icon at right of the learner's details.

What joining the portal means

A learner who is invited to the portal as a member will be able to sign up on the portal subdomain, and browse its experiences. However, they will not be able to join or participate in experiences within the portal unless they are also given access to these.

Joining the portal itself confers no special access to learners, but most meaningfully provides educators a way to invite learners to browse all published experiences, and allows administrators to view and run reports on all learner members.

Ways to add learners to a portal

Joining experience

Most learners become members of the portal by joining an experience; joining an experience automatically makes you a member of its portal. Learn more about inviting learners to experiences.

Invite by email

The "Invite" button, top-right on the "Learners" page, allows educators to invite learners to the portal by email address.

Import learners

Portal administrators may import learners to the portal from a csv. Learn more about this option.

Member requests

Learners may request to join the portal if this option is enabled by the portal administrators. Learn more about this setting.

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