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The "Agreements" feature allows educators to add custom agreements to their experience that must be accepted by learners, employers or both.

This may be used for program terms and conditions, or any special conditions you have for employers such as intellectual property agreements.

Creating agreements

  1. As an educator, you can add agreements via the experience "Settings" tab under the menu item "Agreements".

  2. Click on "Create new" to add a new agreement for that experience.

  3. Give your agreement a title and description. Both of these will be visible to users who accept the agreement, so they should be straightforward and descriptive.

  4. Check off the box "Autograph required" if you'd like the user to type their name as a digital acceptance of the agreement on acceptance, rather than simply clicking "I agree."

  5. Select whether the agreement applies to Learners, Employers or both. Typically you will want separate agreements for each user type, but you can administer the same agreement to both when applicable.

  6. Select "Text area" to add the text of the agreement directly in the page, or "Document" to upload an external document with the agreement content (typically a PDF).

  7. Click "Create."

Managing agreements

  1. All agreements for your experience are found under the "Settings" tab of the experience in the menu item "Agreements."

  2. Click the agreement name to view available options.

  3. If the agreement has not yet been accepted by any user, you can Delete or Edit the agreement.

  4. If the agreement has been accepted by a user, you will not be able to modify it. In this case, select "Disable" to ensure the agreement will not be visible to or signed by any additional users.

  5. To replace an existing agreement with an updated version, simply disable the old version and create a new one. The new version will be administered only to new employers and learners joining your experience.

How agreements are administered

Agreements for learners will be viewed by them after they have joined the experience. They will be unable to view matches for the experience until they have accepted any pending agreements.

Agreements for employers are accepted by the employer when they accept the match request. They will be unable to accept the request without accepting all pending agreements.

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