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Experience configuration
Experience configuration

Configuring an experience's settings

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Once created, you may wish to tweak your experience's settings to customize how it is displayed to or interacted with other users.



While matching projects to your experience, you have many different ways to configure your experience to best meet your needs during the process.


After matching projects to your experience, you have many different ways to configure access and project management for your learners to actually perform the work.

See the full learner guides here.


Surveys are the best feature for educators to use ensure that projects are going smoothly while expectations are being met, and to measure the outcomes of those projects in the form of skill development, employability of learners, happiness of stakeholders, and much more!

See the guide for configuring surveys here.


Agreements enable educators to include custom agreements or contracts which must be signed by employers or learners who wish to participate. This can include items such as Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) or any specific conditions employer or learners need to agree to such as intellectual property agreements before starting work.

See the full guide to agreements here.


Experiences can customize the content of notifications which are sent to its various stakeholders at different parts of their journey inside the experience. This can be helpful when needing to provide experience specific details, instructions, or just general context at the time of the notification.


As an administrator of an experience, you may configure your experience to pay learners for completing projects using a payment provider of your portal's choosing.

The the payments guide here for more details.


The privacy settings of any experience affect who can view and interact with it at any time. This can range from completely public, to completely private, with many options in between.

See our full guide to privacy here.


The language of any experience determines how it appears to other users. Users will only see experience in their own language by default in any marketplace and will need to apply additional filters to find those outside of their language.

By default, any experience you create is automatically set with the language of your portal but you may change it at any time.

How to

Set the experience language

If you wish to change the default language of an experience, this can be done by:

  1. Navigate to your experience.

  2. Click the "Settings" tab.

  3. Click the "Experience" tab in the "General" group.

  4. Choose your preferred language

  5. Click "Submit" to save.

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