Verifying your company and personal identity as an employer.

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As an employer, when you wish to submit a match request to a particular experience, you may be required to provide verification of your identity, your company's identity, or of any other information that the experience administrators deem as necessary.

Completing verification

When submitting a match request if a verification is required, you will be redirected to a screen which shows the verifications needed, and whether or not you have completed them.

Before you start the verification process you will need the following documents to hand:

  • Business registration number

  • Proof of business registration

  • Proof of business address

  • Personal government issued photo ID

If you have not yet completed all verifications, simply:

  1. Click the "Begin Next Verification" button to begin the verification

  2. You will be redirected to an external verification platform

  3. Follow the prompts on screen to complete your verification

All verification happens outside of Riipen with our partner Persona.

Once you have completed the verification steps, you will be redirected back to Riipen. If there are more verifications to be completed, you will again be shown a list of all necessary verification with the option to "Begin Next Verification".

Once all verification are completed, you will be able to complete submitting your match request to the experience.

If you are unable to complete any verification, please contact Riipen support.

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