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How the Level UP Count Me In list works
How the Level UP Count Me In list works

If you have questions around how to get invited to join Level UP and how our new Count Me In process works

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One of the significant operational changes to how Level UP works starting in September 2023 is the addition of a “Count Me In” list and Level UP invitation process.

Level UP is designed to be a fair and equitable program and the Count Me In list is one of the additions we have made to the program to ensure that we live by those values.

The list is available to all eligible students to register their interest in accessing the program and once on the list, students can be selected to receive an invitation to Level UP when opportunities are available.

Being on the list does not guarantee entry to Level UP.

Things to know about the Count Me In list

Previous Level UP experiences or a project offer from an employer does not grant you entry: If you have a past employer with a project ready for you, does not mean that you have priority access to Level UP. We are dedicated to maintaining fairness and equal opportunities for all students and that means honoring all students on the list when it comes to granting access.

Invitation Process: All students are invited by an invitation with instructions on how to access Level UP. If you have not yet received an invitation to the new Level UP platform, you won't be able to request a project match just yet. There is high demand for this program, with limited funding, but rest assured that if you are selected from the "Count Me In" list, you will receive an email with an invitation link and instructions for the next steps.

Rolling invitations: We are gradually admitting students to the new Level UP experience on a weekly basis. However, at this time, we cannot provide specific dates for entry. We do not use a number-ranked system for our waitlist, but if you are receive a confirmation email, it confirms that you have successfully joined the waitlist.

What can you do for now?:

While you patiently await your invitation to Level UP, here are a few proactive steps you can take:

  • Prepare your documents: Have a copy of your government-issued ID and a Proof of Enrolment letter from your educational institution ready. These will be required for verification purposes when you gain access.

  • Get ready to update your payment information: Riipen has partnered with a third-party payment provider called Tipalti.
    Once you have received access to, you will be guided to the payment section where you'll need to enter the following information:

    • Your bank account details.

    • Your bank's branch address (easily found through a quick Google search).

    • Your SIN (Social Insurance Number).

    • A government-issued identification document.

After successfully completing the Tipalti registration, you can simply exit that process, return to the Riipen portal, and continue with the sign-up process! 🎉

For more information about payments, please refer to our help article.

Still have questions? Reach out to us via live-chat in the avocado found in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen.

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