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Level UP Key Terms
Level UP Key Terms

Key terms to help you on your Level UP journey

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Students/ Learners

Individuals seeking short-term internships through Level UP. All Level UP students are registered with an eligible post-secondary institution in Canada. However, you may see them referred to as Learners on Riipen.


The organization hosting internship projects.


A representative of the company. Employers are responsible for posting, managing projects, and mentoring students.


Round of funding within Level UP, typically from May to March. Opportunities are limited, and the cycle closes once all positions are filled.


A private Level UP marketplace, accessible only to eligible students and employers. It centrally manages all aspects of the cycle, including project matching and student applications.


A team is created when an employer accepts a student's application to work on a project. Each team comprises one student, and all project management occurs on the team page.


A demonstration of the employer's objectives and scope of work for the internship.

Matched project

A project available in the Level UP’s private marketplace. Projects must request to match and be approved by the Level UP team before the match is complete, Only matched projects are visible to students and open for applications.

Open/closed projects

Projects that are open or closed to student applications. Students can only apply to open projects.

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