Once you create your project and start contacting educators on the platform, please review the following commitments.

Employer commitments when working with educators

  • I will accept or decline an educator's request within 21 days unless we mutually agree on a delay.

  • I understand that my contact information will be provided to the educators to whom I have proposed my project or who have requested my project, in order to arrange our first call together.

  • I will contact educators who requested my project within 3 weeks of their request to discuss the suitability of my project.

  • I will update my project page if the scope of my project changes at any time after its publication, and I will inform any educators with whom my project has matched with of these changes.

  • I will discuss with the educator any expectations on the frequency and method of communication with their students.

Employer commitments when working with students

  • I will be respectful of the commitment I've made to the educator and students.

  • I will communicate with them regularly and update them if any changes occur.

  • I will provide constructive criticism and acknowledge the students' achievements when providing feedback to the students I collaborated with.

  • I will show my appreciation for their work, and help them build their virtual portfolio with relevant feedback for future employment opportunities.

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