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Level UP Terms and Conditions
Level UP Terms and Conditions

What you need to know about the Level UP Terms and Conditions

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All participants of the Level UP program (employers and students/learners) must read and abide by the terms and conditions listed below.

Student/Learner Requirements:


  • I am currently registered as a learner at a Canadian Post-Secondary Education (PSE) institution and will continue to maintain this status through participation in Level UP projects.

  • I hold Canadian citizenship, permanent residency, or have been granted refugee protection under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act. I am also legally authorized to work in Canada in compliance with the applicable provincial or territorial laws and regulations throughout the entire duration of the project period.

  • I am not an International Student.

Employment Status

  • I acknowledge and agree that I am not, and will not become by participating in this program, an employee of Riipen Networks Inc. or the affiliated company facilitating the project. I understand that I am solely responsible for reporting any income that I earn through this program in accordance with applicable laws, including Canada’s Income Tax Act.

  • I understand that being employed does not impose any restrictions on my eligibility to participate in Level UP.

  • I understand that I should not be a current or past employee of the company facilitating my Level UP projects (including consulting, contract or part-time positions, etc.).

  • I attest that I do not have any conflict of interests with the project partner company, including, but not limited to, companies where my relatives have control as a major creditor, shareholder or governing board member.

  • I am aware that I will not be eligible to receive Employment Insurance upon conclusion of the project, in the event of project cancellation or if the employer and I discontinue our collaboration before the project's fulfillment.

Project Requirements

  • I understand that in order to receive the $1,400 honorarium for the project I must meet the eligibility requirements described on this page, and I must submit my final deliverables through the Riipen platform and complete the exit survey. These deliverables must include:

    • Final submission as outlined in the project description and required by the employer

    • Hours works tracked in Riipen’s worklog feature

    • Brief reflection of your experience on the project

  • I understand that I must complete 80 hours of work within 2-8 weeks to qualify for the stipend. Those 80 hours must be spent in a good faith effort to complete the project as defined by the employer, and tracked using Riipen’s worklog feature. Working above 80 hours is not recommended or required, and will not be compensated. Partial payments are not offered.

  • I understand that I must not exceed 10 hours of project work every day.

  • I understand that I will only be paid for 5 projects per calendar year, anymore projects completed after the 5 project limit will not be paid for and will result in no stipend paid out, even if the work has been done.

  • I understand that I must communicate with the employer before and during the project to fully understand the project scope and ensure work is on track (Recommendation: respond to all communication within 72 hours.)

  • I understand that payment processing is not immediate. It could take up to 21 days from when all deliverables are submitted, exit survey is complete and the employer has provided feedback. The Riipen team will evaluated the project submission, with input from the employer. A project that is not completed will not be eligible for the stipend.

  • I understand that only projects that are approved by the Riipen team and accessed through the Riipen platform are eligible for the stipend.

  • I understand that I must be officially registered as a team member and appropriately matched to the project within the Riipen platform prior to the start date in order to qualify for a stipend. I must personally be in communication with the employer, even when working on a team.

  • I understand that I must provide my final submission prior to the project end date. If the employer and myself collectively agree to change the end date, I will notify Riipen a minimum of 5 business days prior to the end date currently recorded on the platform.

Employer/Company Requirements:


  • I attest that I am either a not-for-profit employer, public sector employer, or private sector employer.

  • I attest that I am located in Canada.

  • I attest that I am a registered Canadian business with a valid registered business number.

  • I attest that I am not a member of the House of Commons or the Senate,

    an organization that engage in partisan political activities, and/or federal, provincial, territorial and municipal government.

  • I attest that I am not a representative of a publicly funded post-secondary institution.

  • I understand that as an employer, neither the company nor I, the employer, are entitled to claim any payment from students or receive any monies paid to the student in the form of a stipend.

Project Requirements

  • I understand that my company is limited to 20 funded learning experiences per calendar year.I will not exceed this, and understand that projects and learning experiences that exceed this number may be canceled. I can request more learning experiences here.

  • I understand that I must define the project scope up front to the best of my abilities, limiting scope changes once learners are approved for the project.

  • I understand and attest that neither the company nor I can charge students any form of payment to participate in the project and cannot directly profit from student participation.

  • I understand that I must be available for a discussion with the Level UP coordinator to initiate the relationship and confirm that the scope is an appropriate fit for the internship.

  • I understand that I must review student applications and accept or decline applications within 21 days. (Recommended 14 days.)

  • I understand that the student(s) must be confirmed and added to the project in the Riipen platform before the start date. Any students not added by the start date are ineligible for a stipend.

  • I understand that the project timelines must be accurate before the project start date. If the project end date must change, the student must notify Riipen a minimum of 5 business days prior to the end date currently recorded in the platform.

  • Upon completion of the project, I will confirm with the Level UP team that the learner has completed 80 hours of work within 2-8 weeks. by providing comprehensive feedback on the platform.

  • I understand that I must provide a project that requires no more than 80 hours of work per participating learner. If more than 80 hours of work is required, the student will not be able to complete the project under this program.

  • I understand that as the employer, I must make a good faith effort to ensure that the number of students accepted per project still allows each participant 80 hours of experience.

  • I understand that I must complete the Level UP program exit survey and approve project deliverables submitted by student (s) at the conclusion of the project.

  • I understand that I must provide ongoing mentorship and guidance to the learner(s) that are working on my project(s). I must be responsive to any questions, and check in on progress to help ensure a good result. We require that each student receives at least 5 hours of mentorship throughout the project.

  • I understand that I must acknowledge that the stipend can only be granted to eligible students, and that all participating students must come through the Riipen platform under the Level UP program page, and cannot be invited directly by the employer.

  • Students engaged in Level UP projects are considered workers of Riipen Networks Inc. and as such Riipen meets all Work Safe requirements legislated by their respective province/territory.

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