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Accommodating for junior level learners
Accommodating for junior level learners

Is Riipen suitable for first-year classes?

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Riipen primarily works with higher education programs, but with learners at every level. Our goal is to extend experiential learning to all learners. Our academic team can advise you on how to create an activity that is more suitable for junior level learners. We have also worked with high schools, continuing education programs, bootcamps, and workforce development programs.

Companies are on-boarded by our customer success team, who set expectations for employers about the possible skill levels of learners.They are not expecting consultant-level work.

For more junior learners, some educators will have multiple teams work on a single company's project. Then, only the top project submission is shared with the company. This is a great proposition for companies, and an entry point for learners into experiential learning with a real client.

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