Project preparation

Steps to take to ensure you are ready to work with learners

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Once you've matched your project with an experience, take the following steps to ensure your are ready to work with learners.

  1. Make sure your project page is complete and up-to-date. Does it reflect any changes you may have discussed with the educator?

  2. Add helpful resources, images, or videos to your project page to help learners understand the project better.

  3. If another colleague from your company is going to support you or manage the project with you, you can add them as an administrator under the "Members" tab on your project page.

  4. Review the milestones learners will be completing and confirm that these dates work for you.

  5. Be respectful of the commitment you've made to the educator and learners, and communicate with them right away if anything changes on your end.

When the experience begins, the learner teams assigned to you by the educator will reach out to you with an introductory message either via the message center on the platform or via email. If there is a message on the platform, you will also receive an email notification. Reply to the learners and set up a time to have your first meeting with them.

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