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Defining what a company is on Riipen.

Updated over a week ago

A company is an entity on Riipen that represents an organization and is where members of the company can create and manage projects, match with experiences, and interact with learners.

Although Riipen uses the term company for convenience, a company may be a for-profit business, a non-governmental organization (NGO), a government agency, or another non-corporate entity.


  • Projects

    Create projects that match with your company's challenges and opportunities and create unique learning experiences for learners while you achieve a business need.

  • Matchmaking marketplaces

    Where a company's employers can connect with educators to match with their projects to experiences for learners.

  • Portal passes

    A company can work with specific institutions or special programs and promote its projects to their private marketplaces.

  • Project management

    Manage the learners working on company projects with communication and collaboration tools.

  • Gamification

    Award learners with badges and achievements to keep them motivated and reward them for their hard work.

  • Recruiting

    Maintain a talent pool of all the learners a company interacts with for future hiring needs.

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