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Basic navigation for employers
Basic navigation for employers
Basic Riipen navigation for employers
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This article outlines the basic navigation for employers.

Navigation Bar

  • Search - search across all experiences, projects, companies and portals.

  • Messages - all conversations you are a member of.

  • Requests - all match requests you have sent and received.

  • Notifications - updates on activity across your company or projects.

  • User avatar - user account menu where you can access Settings, the Workspace switcher, Help and Log out options.

Main navigation

  • My Content

    • Dashboard - view your recent content such as projects, and match requests.

    • Projects - view projects that you are a member of and create more.

    • Profile - view and edit your public profile.

    • Bookmarks - view and manage any bookmarks you have created.

  • Marketplace

    • Open - Riipen wide marketplace of experiences looking to match with projects.

    • Portal - the portal's private marketplace of experiences looking to match.

  • Company

    • Projects - view and manage all projects within the company.

    • Portals - view and manage portal passes the company has.

    • Talent - view and manage the talent pool of learners for the company.

    • Profile - view and edit the company's public profile.

    • Members - view and manage all employers within the company.

    • Settings - edit settings for the company

The Marketplace section's visibility will depend on whether you are on or on the subdomain of a specific portal for which the company has a portal pass for.

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