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Basic navigation for educators
Basic navigation for educators

Basic Riipen navigation for educators

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This article outlines the basic navigation for educators.

Navigation Bar

  • Portal switcher

    • Switch between portals, search for portals, and view portal profiles.

  • Search

    • Search across all experiences, projects, companies and portals.

  • Marketplace

    • Open experiences - Riipen wide marketplace of experiences looking to match with projects.

    • Portal experiences - the portal's private marketplace of experiences looking to match.

  • Messages

    • All conversations you are a member of.

  • Calendar

    • In-app calendar to track important dates

  • Requests

    • All match requests you have sent and received.

  • Notifications

    • Updates on activity across your portal or experiences.

  • User avatar

    • User account menu where you can access your Profile, Settings, Help and Log out options.

The Marketplace section's visibility will depend on your portal's settings. Some portals use only the open marketplace, some only the private one. Most use both.

Main navigation

  • My Content

    • My Dashboard - view your recent content such as experiences, and match requests.

    • My Experiences - view experiences that you are a member of and create more.

    • My Achievements - achievements you've earned on Riipen.

    • My Bookmarks - view and manage any bookmarks you have created.

  • Portal

    • Experiences - view and manage all experiences within the portal.

    • Companies - view all the companies your portal has matched with or issued a portal pass to.

    • Learners - view and manage all learners within the portal.

    • Educators - view and manage all educators within the portal.

    • Achievements - view and create achievements that are issued by this portal.

    • Settings - edit the portal's settings.

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